Recognising Depression

There are a number of signs and symptoms that may indicate that somebody is suffering from depression. Our warning signs poster summarise these and tell you what to look out for and this YouTube video may be helpful too.


Experiencing one or two of these warning signs for a short time is not usually a cause for concern. But if you, or someone you know , suffers from several of these (at least 4) for a period of time ( over 4 weeks) they are likely to be suffering from depression.

Don’t be afraid to ask somebody how they are feeling and do not hesitate to seek help on behalf of yourself or somebody else. Early treatment, especially in young people, can help avoid depression recurring.

mugOur booklet “Depression: fancy a chat?” gives more information about depression in an accessible and informative way and is free via our order form.

There are a number of sources of information and support available: visit our HELP NOW page for details of mental health charities that can offer information and support. And there are some useful self help resources, including our own Students Against Depression website. School or student counsellors or nurses can also give helpful information and advice.

But if you are concerned that somebody is at risk you or they should seek professional advice immediately, usually from your GP on, in an emergency, from A&E.

The NHS has more information.

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