Mental Health Training For Schools

Free Mental Health Training for staff, parents and students

Talks and training sessions can be run for small or large groups and can last anything from an hour to several days, depending on your requirements. To ensure the biggest possible impact we like to deliver multiple sessions in one location or to a fairly large audience.
We don’t charge for our training – it’s all free. However, we very much welcome donations to cover travel and other costs for our trainers. Some schools also like to raise funds for us after they’ve received their training.
We also ask schools to help us evaluate the work we do with them.
To book a talk or a training session, please complete our training request form or email us.

Please note that we often need roughly 3 months’ notice for training requests.
The topic and exact content of each session will be tailored to your needs and can be discussed with the trainer. If you aren’t sure exactly what topic you want, below are some sessions that our trainers often deliver:

Staff Sessions
Parent Workshops
Student Workshops

Our Waller Trainers are available to deliver bespoke training on request.
Please call 01635 869754 or email us to discuss your requirements.

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