Although lockdown rules are easing we still don't have the same freedom we did some months ago. Now, we know you all love a quiz, but if you're anything like us at the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, you're starting to look for something different.

Well, look no further - we’ve got everything you need to host your very own bingo night from the comfort of your home.


For as little as £1 you can download your pack, get your friends together and have a fun night in (whilst also potentially raising money for a lovely charity like us).

What is included in your pack:

  • ­­Set-up instructions

  • Bingo rules

  • 60 Bingo Strips (enough for 20 people to play 3 games)

  • A digital bingo board (an Excel file)

  • Bingo calls


What you will need to host your bingo night:

  • A laptop or computer

  • Microsoft Excel (desirable, but not essential)

  • A Zoom account

  • Bingo Number Generator app (free from your app store) – or a set of bingo balls if you have them!

  • The downloaded files you will be sent once you sign up


Don’t have a printer?

No problem – we can send you a printed pack with everything you need for £8

Optional extras:

In addition to your pack you can purchase the following from us:

  • Make it an authentic night with some bingo dabbers for £1 each (these are special pens for crossing off the bingo numbers for any bingo newbies out there!).

  • Extra bingo strips - £3 for 10 strips (if you want to play more games or play with more people)​

Ways to easily raise a bit of money for CWMT:

  • Make a donation at the time of downloading your pack

  • Invite all your bingo players to chip in – use some of this as prize money and the remainder as a donation

Steps for setting up your bingo night:

  • Set a date and invite your friends

  • Decide how many games of bingo you would like to play (we would recommend three and will take approx. 1.5-2 hours if not rushed)

  • Send your bingo strips out:

    • email to anyone with a printer and tell them specific pages to print

    • print at home and post or hand deliver to your guests

    • take a picture of the cards individually and text them – your guests can open them in their picture gallery and ‘edit’ them with a digital pencil to mark off the numbers

  • Set up a Zoom meeting and send details to your guests

  • Download the ‘Bingo Number Generator’ app (unless you have a set of bingo balls at home)

  • If playing for prize money figure out your winning amounts. For example… if you have 10 players who each contribute £5 to play, this could give you a prize fund of £30 and £20 donation to CWMT. That would mean for each game players could win £2 for one line, £3 for two lines and £5 for full house

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