Sponsor the CWMT mental health book club

If you like the idea of the CWMT mental health book club and would like to support it by becoming a sponsor, you can find all the relevant information below.


What’s in it for the sponsor?

This is a very cost effective way of supporting the professional development of staff working with young people. About 1 in 10 young people suffer from a diagnosable mental health issue and all children need support to develop into emotionally healthy adults. We believe the book club will help to achieve these aims at a cost of £15 per person, per term.

A special edition of the term’s chosen book will be printed complete with the sponsor’s logo and a message from the sponsor if desired. All other resources will also carry the sponsor’s logo. If desired, you would be consulted on the choice of topic or book for the term.


You will be provided with reporting about the impact of the book on book club members. You will learn how they used the book, how it impacted on their skills and practice and how it has benefited the lives of young people.


Additionally, we would be happy to provide a free mental health training session for your staff.


£15,000 (just £15 per book recipient) will fund the book club for one term:

• providing 1,000 free special edition books to school staff across the UK (inc P&P), and

• funding the development, design and delivery of online and offline resources to accompany the book


(Full cost breakdown available on request)

What next?


We received more than 300 sign-ups in the first 72 hours of the book club launch and colleagues are excited to receive their first book in the autumn.

“What an amazing initiative, I can’t wait to get my first book and start learning.”

“My school won’t fund CPD so this is invaluable.”

“We’re really struggling with these issues so the book club will be a lifeline for us.”


We are keen to work with sponsors who are as excited about the idea as we are and our CEO (Clare Stafford) and Schools and Families Programme Director (Teresa Day) would be delighted to come and discuss the idea further with you at your convenience.


For more information or to arrange to meet please email or call 01635 869754.

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