College and University Advisory Board 

The College and University Advisory Board is made up of experts in student mental health and welfare, including clinicians, professionals and those who manage and deliver services; and those who represent the student voice.

The group carries out the following functions:

  • To provide critical review of the CWMT College and Universities programme to ensure it is clinically robust and in line with best practice in supporting students with depression and related mental health problems, while helping to retain the unique contribution of the Trust to the sector.

  • To advise on the development of all the elements of the programme, including training, e-learning and the SAD website, ensuring the most effective use of charitable resources for the benefit of student mental health.

  • To promote CWMT’s activities in this area, including through media work and on-campus material.

  • To assist in collaborative work in the sector and identify opportunities for joint work where appropriate.

  • To represent and disseminate information about the Universities and FE programme through all relevant professional, regional and national networks and link back into the Advisory Board.

Board members:  

Clare Stafford

Andrew Reeves 

Alana James

Annie Grant 

Michael Priestly 

Alan Percy 

Kezia Lang 

Richard Caulfield

Bethan Davies 
Rosie Tressler

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