College and university training

Training for colleges and universities 


CWMT has, for many years, offered mental health training for colleges and universities.  We have CWMT trainers across the UK, all of whom have many years’ experience in managing and delivering education mental health services, which they draw on to deliver high-quality and evidence-based training.


The types of one-off training days we can deliver include:


  • Keynote talks to particular groups of staff or students

  • Mental health training focusing on specific issues for specialist staff, for example counsellors, mental health advisers, general practitioners

  • Mental health awareness training to non-specialist staff for example domestic staff, facilities staff, academic staff Specific training for staff on particular areas of focus, for example suicide prevention, supporting students who self-injure, building confidence in talking about mental health

  • Training for students on any topic related to mental health


Feedback from institutions who have received training has been consistently excellent.  Training sessions are tailored to your particular institution’s needs and delivered in collaboration with you.


If you are interested in organising a CWMT training event, please click here to complete our online request form.

Mental Health Partnership Initiative 

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust has, for many years, delivered mental health training in schools, sixth form colleges, universities, primary care and in workplace settings. Recognising the very particular needs of further (FE) and higher (HE) education, a new division of activity has been launched, called the CWMT Mental Health Partnership Initiative (MHP).


While ‘ad hoc’ training requests continue to be met, the new FE/HE strategy focuses more on setting up partner relationships with institutions, to support mental health work already in place, and to contribute to capacity building at an institutional level, where resources for mental health interventions are often very limited.


The aim of the partnership initiative is to contribute to, and support, the provision of mental health work in FE settings. There is no additional work required on behalf of the individual worker or institution. Rather, the hope is to facilitate existing projects and to develop new ones.


How it works


The particular needs of the FE institution are discussed and a plan agreed. CWMT allocates a CWMT Trainer (see below) as a dedicated link person, with whom all collaborative initiatives are planned and agreed. Such input might include, for example:

  • A train the trainer programme around mental health for key staff in the institution, led by the CWMT Trainer (or co-facilitated with the institution’s mental health lead, if preferred)

  • Direct training for staff and/or students around mental health

  • CWMT training and mental health resources to support institutional initiatives

  • Access to the CWMT Trainer for ongoing consultation and support around generic (not student-specific) mental health issues and new development ideas for the institution. (This would not be supervisory input, but a general consultative space in which to discuss project identification and development)

If you are interested in our partnership initiative, please email 

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