Fiona Knott

Fiona has been passionate about autism since spending her gap year working in a school for children with autism in her home county of Dorset. Following her PhD at the University of Reading, which looked at the way children with autism interact with their siblings, Fiona moved to the University of Glasgow to train as a clinical psychologist. She spent a number of years in the West of Scotland working in child psychology services with children with a range of developmental and mental health difficulties, and on the clinical psychology training team at the University of Glasgow.


Since returning to Reading in 2002, Fiona has worked clinically in both CAMHS and the University’s Centre for Autism. She teaches in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading, with a focus on autism and other neurodevelopmental difficulties. 
Fiona delivers training in autism and mental health to schools, parents and other professionals.

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