Teaching Sessions for GP's

Leading expert, Prof. Hamish McAllister-Williams offers practical, clinical advice for GPs including guidance on:

  • when antidepressants might be indicated

  • initiating treatment

  • using a treatment algorithm

  • monitoring response and adjusting medication 

  • long term treatment and discontinuation 

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This video is supported by an online toolkit, available here

In this 20 minute video, practising psychiatrist and GP trainer, Dr Maryanne Freer, helps GPs:

  • decide, in the first consultation, whether or not a young person has a mental health problem

  • provide some immediate help to young people and their families whist they are waiting to be seen by a specialist

  • offer some simple and immediate options, including practical self help based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)

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GP Toolkit: online learning for GPs, accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners

Meet our team of highly qualified and experienced primary care professionals.

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