Julie Turner

Julie has worked in education for over 30 years. She started in Oxfordshire, initially working as a home economics teacher and soon decided that she wanted to develop her skills supporting students with individual needs. In 1998 she obtained a secondment to study for a degree in Special Education at Birmingham University, focusing on students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Returning from secondment, Julie became a school counsellor, providing support for students, their families, and staff. She went on to create and manage a multi-agency student services team within the school.

In 2000, Julie moved to a school in Somerset; she helped it progress from an OfSTED rating of requiring improvement to being outstanding in all aspects. As Deputy Head she led many successful initiatives focusing on individual needs of all students.

More recently Julie was asked to advise a school in West Berkshire that also required improvement and eventually became the interim headteacher with an immediate emphasis on the emotional health and wellbeing of staff and students. This was when she began collaborating with CWMT and Reading University to help struggling students, particularly those with anxiety and low mood.

Julie provides support on whole school leadership and is particularly keen to encourage sustainable student mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Her metier is to work alongside staff to develop a whole school approach. Key areas include developing resilience, anxiety and stress, particularly during exam periods, and managing social media. The key for Julie is to listen to what is being offered, then work alongside staff to develop what will be most appropriate in their setting.

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