Mental health training for line managers

One-day course 

Line managers play an important role in supporting employees to do their job effectively. Part of that role is exercising the employers’ duty of care to staff and working with colleagues to manage mental health issues at work.

Our one day training course for line managers uses good practice examples to improve the skills needed by managers to promote mentally healthy workplace practices. It introduces a range of practical tools from various sources that are widely available (e.g. from the Health and Safety Executive website and from the Mindful Employers website) that can be used by line managers to promote effective management practices and mentally healthy workplaces.

Course aim


To improve participants skills and confidence in managing staff with mental health conditions at work.

By the end of the course managers will be able to:

  • Recognise and address early signs of stress, distress and mental health conditions at work

  • Develop practical strategies to support staff through effective sickness absence management and return to work

  • Develop practical strategies to help employees retain their employment and carry out their role effectively

  • Maintain mentally healthy practices in the workplace

Course content

Exercises will build on existing skills and knowledge and equip managers with skills in:

  • Addressing stigma in the workplace

  • Early recognition of signs and symptoms

  • Engaging with staff and starting conversations with those who may be reluctant to talk

  • Using a range of tools to support staff individually and to manage the team

  • Planning strategies to deal with the impact of ongoing conditions at work

  • Identifying when reasonable adjustments are beneficial

  • Promoting mentally healthy workplaces

  • Looking after their own mental health at work

Please note that this is a 1 day course

To read more about how we can work with you, please read our Workplace Programme Summary, which provides more detail on what you can expect from us.


We would also encourage you to read our document setting out What We Ask of You. This explains what our Waller Trainers need from organisations to make their input meaningful and enjoyable for all involved.

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