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Our Primary Care Mental Health Education Programme offers training tailored to the needs of all healthcare professionals working in primary care.

Why mental health education is required in primary care

In 2016, MIND published a report for Clinical Commissioning Groups. In it they explain that patients may visit the GP or practice nurse and discuss other concerns that are impacting on or are related to their mental health. They may attend their GP practice frequently before their underlying mental health needs are addressed. The authors of the report recommend a greater focus on mental health in initial training for the primary care workforce and importantly those already working in primary care should receive regular training on mental health.


A national survey of practice nurses showed that 82% of respondents thought that they were responsible for managing patients’mental health and wellbeing without having received appropriate training. The authors of the five year forward view for mental health advocate that the training of GPs could be improved to ensure that they are fully supported to lead the delivery of multidisciplinary mental health support in primary care.

The aim of our training is to equip primary care healthcare professionals with the understanding, knowledge and skills required to prevent patients from developing mental health problems, and to identify and treat existing ones.


We offer face to face training, and education and resources that can be accessed online. Please click on the relevant page to find out more:

Face to face training

​We offer training suitable for GPs, and training for nurses, health care assistants and allied health care professionals working in primary care. However, healthcare professionals of any discipline are welcome to take part in both types of training as appropriate to their role.


We have developed some eLearning sessions and have provided links to sessions that are appropriate for healthcare professionals working in primary care. We have divided them into those most applicable to GPs and those for nurses, healthcare assistants and allied healthcare professionals.

Meet our team of highly qualified and experienced primary care professionals.

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