Promoting self-help:romoting Self Help

When you are worried about a student’s mental health or behaviour, but you don’t consider it to be urgent.



  • Listen to them. Prompt and clear indications to the student that they are a cause of concern are usually helpful


  • Ask them if they are already receiving treatment e.g. via their GP, local mental health services or College Counselling Service. If so, encourage them to seek help via these established structures


  • If they are not already linked into mental health services, they should be encouraged to begin this process via:

    • their GP

    • the College Counselling Service

    • the College’s Counselling Service Manager


  • If the student appears unwilling to seek help, acknowledge that they are having difficulties, or you have any other concerns, you can seek advice from to the Counselling Service Manager without disclosing the student’s identity.


  • Keep factual notes (name, date, time, action proposed) and inform your line manager about your concerns



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