Mental health training in schools

Our programme for schools and young people provides evidence-based presentations and training sessions that motivate, build confidence, inform and offer practical ideas and tools that can easily be put into practice.


How does the training work?


Talks and training sessions can be run for small or large groups and can last from 90 minutes to a whole day, depending on your requirements. To ensure the greatest possible impact we like to deliver multiple sessions in one location (e.g. to staff and parents or staff and students), to a fairly large audience or to staff from several schools or other youth settings.


Training will be adapted to suit the needs of individual schools following a discussion with a CWMT trainer, however our recommendation for training is as follows:

  • 2-hour session

  • All staff present (including non-teaching staff such as librarians, cleaners, technicians, facilities and catering staff where possible)

  • Introduction to mental health including practical tools and what to look out for


Whole School Approach


CWMT advocates a whole school approach to mental health. We can work with your school to introduce policies and processes to support wellbeing in a holistic way. Mental health training for staff is part of this evidence-based approach. Read more about our Whole School Approach here


What topics do we cover?


The topic and exact content of each session will be tailored to your needs and can be discussed with the trainer. We provide practical tools and strategies on how to support and promote positive wellbeing in your school. The main topics we cover in our training are as follows:

  • General mental health awareness (overview, warning signs)

  • Whole school approach

Who are our trainers?


CWMT Trainers all have expertise in mental health and are teachers, clinicians, academics or have lived experience of mental health problems. Our trainers draw on the latest research, clinical practice and the experiences of pupils and staff to provide high quality, targeted training. Read our trainer profiles here

How do we book?

To ensure we are able to fulfil your request for training, please read our schools Training Offer below before submitting a training request form. Our Schools Training Offer includes information about minimum numbers, session length, and what we recommend regarding staff, pupil and parent training.



To organise and book training for your organisation, please complete our Training request form by clicking the purple button below. 

Please note; our trainers are very busy during the autumn term and INSET periods, so we ask you to give at least 3 months notice for bookings.

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Our Trainers all have expertise in mental health and are teachers, clinicians, academics or have lived experience of mental health problems.

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