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Here is a selection of short webinars produced by our experienced mental health trainers. Within these sessions, our trainers explore strategies for maintaining positive mental health, paying attention to our own wellbeing and supporting those around us.


We hope you will find them useful and engaging!

Our mental health trainers will also be producing a series of podcasts in which they talk about a range of mental health topics. Check back here for details of those!

Mental health webinars

Here Andrew explores the concept of contingent self-worth in children and young people. This webinar is particularly relevant for those working with adolescents.

In this video, Jenny explores the concept of perfectionism in children and young people, with practical tips on supporting them.

Andy Caress and Mark Williams discuss the impact of becoming a father on mental health, with implications for wider family support.

Within this webinar, Andrew discusses how the current COVID-19 pandemic can impact our stress responses. He explores how we might manage this as an individual and offers top tips for both adults and young people.

In this webinar Jenny explores the concept of a 'window of tolerance', with practical suggestions for supporting younger children.

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If you would like to know more about our dedicated training sessions or would like to book some training for your school setting then please read our schools training offer. 

More mental health webinars

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