13 Reasons Why - a few words of advice

12 Jun 2017


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has been widely criticised for glamorising suicide and for failing to tackle the mental health issues that often precede it. Some young people have said they felt the series could have made clearer how to find the right support and how things might have worked out for Hannah, the main character, had she received the support she needed.


Lisa Thomson a CWMT trainer and clinician experienced in working with children and young people, advises:


“You won’t stop your teenage children watching this – at a friend’s house if not at yours. So sit down, watch it with them and discuss it.”

Teresa Day, Manager of our Programme for Children and Young People, adds:


“Teachers and school support staff can be in a very positive position to spot pupils who are struggling with depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts and to help them access the support they need. Our free webinars on Supportive Listening Skills and Talking to Students at Risk of Suicide can be helpful for anyone working with children and young people."


This blog by Prof. Rory O’Connor, who has worked in the field of suicide research for 23 years, offers helpful insights into the series.