12 ways to boost your mood in 2018

5 Dec 2017



The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust’s 2018 calendar provides a year of ideas and inspiration for looking after your mental wellbeing.


1. Learn a new skill


Learning something new makes us feel more satisfied and more optimistic. Whether you’ve always yearned to take up photography, learn to cross stitch or rock climb, there’s no time like the present.



2. Cook yourself a heart-warming meal


As well as keeping us physically well, it is thought that eating well can help support our mood too. So, bake, stew or simmer your way to happiness!



3. Get active


NHS research shows there’s a link between being physically active and good mental health. Whether you enjoy swimming, cycling or running try to build regular exercise into your life.



4. Get a good night’s sleep


Sleep is thought to enhance learning and memory, and help boost positive feelings. A warm bath, reading and writing a ‘to do’ for the next day can help clear your mind and pave the way to an undisturbed night’s sleep.



5. Become a volunteer


Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and provide a sense of purpose. Choose a charity or organisation you’d like to get involved with – they’ll be pleased to hear from you.



6. Get out into the garden


As well as being good exercise, gardening is great for taking time out and giving us a sense of achievement. Why not plant your first seeds today and watch them grow into something beautiful?



7. Practise mindfulness


Remind yourself to notice your thoughts, feelings and the world around you without trying to change these things. The more you do this the better you’ll get at noticing the build-up of difficult emotions which can make us feel upset and angry.



8. Get out into the great outdoors


Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active and can also help improve sleep and manage stress. Try incorporating walking into your daily routine.



9. Be part of a team challenge


Co-operating with others in a team activity can stimulate the reward areas in the brain, creating positive feelings. Combined with fresh air, exercise and raising money for a good cause, it makes a fundraising challenge an all-round winner!



10. Cheer up a friend


A little act of kindness can go a long way to making both you and your friend feel better. Why not make someone’s day with a handmade present, baking a cake or simply organising to meet up?



11. Find your voice


Listening to or making music can really help lift the spirits. If you enjoy singing beyond the shower, why not join one of the many choirs around the UK?



12. Be a good neighbour


Building good relationships with people around you – whether it is work colleagues, family, friends or neighbours – is a great way to help us feel good. So take the cakes or a bowl of fruit into work, or pop in for a cuppa with your next door neighbour.



These tips are taken from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust’s 2018 Calendar which is on sale in our online shop here. They are based on the NHS’ Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing.


The Trust also produces a range of free resources including a Wellbeing Action Plan and Depr