Four-man team successfully cross the Atlantic by Pedalo to support CWMT

17 Feb 2018

Four young men have completed an epic 3,000 mile journey across the Atlantic in a pedalo to help raise funds and awareness about mental health.


Henry Quinlan, Max Mossman, Paddy Johnson and Hector Turner left Gran Canaria on January 7th, and arrived to cheers in Antigua on Friday February 16th.


The Pedal The Pond team faced extreme weather on their journey, including intense heat, a monsoon and very high winds. The boys pedalled two-at-a-time while the other two rested on continuous two-hour shifts, without stopping, day and night, battling waves of up to 50 feet for 40 days at sea, and over 4.9 million pedal rotations.


Their achievement is marked by the setting of three new world records - this is the first time the route has been crossed by pedal power alone; the first time ever that four people have pedalo’d across an ocean and the fastest human-powered crossing of the Atlantic.


Clare Stafford, CEO, of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, said: “We’re in awe of what these four young men have achieved. They’ve shown physical endurance, grit and determination whilst keeping high spirits throughout the whole of their challenge. Not only has this been a tremendous fundraising effort, but it has also been fantastic awareness raising about the importance of talking about mental health.”


As Paddy Johnson puts it: “If we can stand-up and talk about mental health symptoms in the public sphere, we feel we may be able to encourage other people to do the same. We hope that the interest sparked by Pedal The Pond will lead to more people getting the help they need before it is too late.”


The team’s fundraising currently totals over £166,000. To donate visit: