New CWMT fundraiser ‘Beat the Black Dog’ canitrail taking place in South Wales, 8 September 2019

30 Jul 2019

We’re excited to announce a new fundraising event we’re running this September. It’s a 10km canicross event –  meaning participants run a trail with their dog attached to them. Depression is sometimes called the “black dog” – hence the name of the event, which will take place on Sunday 8 September, two days before World Suicide Prevention Day.

This event in Ogmore Valley in Wales has been organised by one of our Schools & Families trainers Andy Caress, who will run with his cocker spaniel Monty. Andy and Monty have been featured in The Bridgend and Porthcawl GEM which you can read online here.


Andy, who delivers mental health training in schools and youth organisations in South Wales, said: “Running a cross country trail with your dog is a fantastic way to exercise, as well as great stress relief. I’m delighted to have helped organise this race in in support of such a fantastic charity which provides free mental health training to schools, GPs, colleges and universities and in the workplace throughout the UK.”


The event, which is being kindly supported by Red Kite Events, will see a runner with a black dog, set off prior to the main group. The main group will then catch up with the black dog and beat it back across the finish line. As well as those running with their four-legged friends, the race is also open to trail runners.


Jon Fletcher of Red Kite Trail Events said: “Being former military and seeing first-hand the effects mental health issues have had on friends and colleagues, when Andy told us about his idea, we were only too happy to help out. Mental health affects people from every walk of life, it has no boundaries and can affect anyone at any time.”


Read more about the event and sign up here.


There’s also a Facebook event you can join. Join Facebook event.