Teenagers and mental health put in the spotlight at CWMT Information Evening

27 Nov 2019

The science behind the teenage brain and the links between teenage sleep and mental wellbeing were outlined by experts at this year’s CWMT Information Evening.


Dr John Coleman explained the major changes that take place in the teenage brain, and the impacts of these on behaviour and development, and Professor Russell Foster outlined how disrupted teenage sleep patterns can affect mental health.


CWMT will be focusing on promoting teenage wellbeing in 2020 which will include delivering new training on the teenage brain to parents and carers, which is being developed by Dr John Coleman.


The evening, which was attended by staff, supporters and peers, also included a review of the Trust’s work in 2019. This has included delivering training to 37,539 school pupils, parents and teachers. CWMT continues to support the work of the Charlie Waller Institute at the University of Reading which has trained 776 new clinicians since it was established in 2007 and has treated 250 young people in the first year of its anxiety and depression clinic.


Clare Stafford, Chief Executive of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, said: “We have a really exciting year ahead including supporting the wellbeing of teenagers and increasing our work with parents.


“Delivering training and talks to teachers, doctors, employers, university staff and directly to young people will be a continued focus throughout 2020. Awareness of mental health issues has grown so much over recent years and helped reduce the stigma, and our aim is to help equip people look after their own wellbeing.”




You can hear interviews with the key speakers at the Information Evening, including Dr John Coleman and Professor Russell Foster online here.