Students who are Demanding


Students who are demanding can be intrusive and persistent and may require much time and attention. Demanding traits can be associated with anxiety, panic, depression, personality problems, and/or thought disorders, mania, drug use/abuse.


Characteristics of students who are demanding include:

  • a sense of entitlement

  • an inability to empathize

  • a need for control

  • difficulty in dealing with ambiguity

  • perfectionism

  • difficulty with structure and limits

  • dependency

  • fears about handling life

  • elevated mood

  • drug use or abuse

  • inability to accept any limits


What you can do


  • Talk to the student in a place that is safe and comfortable.


  • Remain calm and take the lead.


  • Set clear limits up front and hold the student to the allotted time for the discussion.


  • Clarify behaviours that are and aren’t acceptable and respond quickly and with clear limits to behaviour that disrupts class, study sessions, or consultations.


  • Refer the student to the Counselling Service Manager or the Learner Support Service


  • Contact HR to talk over any stress you might be experiencing




  • Arguing with the student. (“No, you are not correct…”)


  • Giving in to inappropriate requests.


  • Adjusting your schedule or policies to accommodate the student.


  • Ignoring inappropriate behaviour that has a negative impact on you or other students.


  • Feeling obligated to take care of the student or feeling guilty for not doing more.


  • Allowing the student to intimidate or manipulate you to not deal with the problematic behaviour.

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