Students Who Are Struggling with Coursework


Students who are struggling might:

  • Come to class late or often may be absent.

  • Not understand the course content.

  • Be unaware of campus resources to support them

  • Exhibit negative thinking and behaviour

  • Lack preparation or interest in the course

  • Be unable to balance work, social activities, and study hours

  • Hand in assignments late, not at all, or incomplete


What you can do


  • Encourage the student to make a private appointment with their Course Tutor where they can discuss their performance and make suggestions for improvement.


  • Refer the student to the Learning Support Service. They provide workshops and individual tutorials to help improve writing, study skills and academic support.


  • Refer the student to the Advice & Counselling Service or the College Counselling Service Manager if you think that stress, or other issues are affecting the student’s performance




  • Concluding that the student is just lazy; anxiety can often be a major factor in avoidant behaviour


  • Presuming the student lacks the ability to be successful


  • Discouraging the student from continuing with their studies

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