Substance Misuse and Overdoses


Alcohol and drug abuse among college students interferes with academic performance, puts them at risk for serious accidents and death, and can lead to addiction problems for some individuals. Substance use and abuse among college students is often a misguided way to cope with anxiety, depression, and the stressors of college life.

Research shows that the most abused substance is alcohol and that a large number of college students engage in binge drinking.


What you can do


  • If the student has taken an overdose, ask them what they have taken and how much.


  • Ring for an ambulance and, if you are on campus, contact an appropriate member of staff so they can allow access and direct the ambulance appropriately.


  • Call a First Aider for assistance or if the incident occurs during office hours contact the College Health Centre. 


  • Make a written note of key points and action taken. 


  • Speak with your line manager about your concerns and your actions as soon as possible. 


  • If appropriate, contact the Counselling Service Manager to arrange a debriefing session and handover written notes so that follow-up support can be initiated




  • Chastising or condoning the behaviour


  • Being confrontational with the student


  • Assuming that experimenting with drugs or alcohol is harmless

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