CWMT training for practice nurses

Our training for practice and community nurses is accredited by the Royal College of GPs Our specialist trainer, Dr Sheila Hardy, provides a train the trainer programme in mental health and wellbeing for practice and community nurses.

The programme is made up of five modules, which can be delivered as a series or as standalone modules:

Mental health awareness

The module has been designed to give practice nurses a good understanding of the various mental health issues that they will meet in primary care. This includes screening and support for depression and anxiety, medications used in mental illness (including depot injections), and local services for people with mental health problems.

Behaviour change

A large part of the practice nurse role is to support patients to change unhealthy behaviours. This module teaches practice nurses how to use evidence based approaches of behaviour change to help and support their patients to set appropriate goals and actions to improve their health.


Physical health in mental illness

People with mental illness can die up to 20 years earlier than the general population. They have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and other physical health problems. This module covers best practice guidance in carrying out physical health checks and how to use the appropriate tools (these are free to download from a website designed for practice nurses).



Helping people to avoid stress reduces both physical and mental health problems. This module offers the practice nurse practical advice and techniques that they can use with their patients to prevent stress in everyday life.

Co-morbidities – using a psychological approach

People with long-term conditions are more at risk of developing depression and anxiety than the rest of the population. This in turn affects the outcomes of their physical condition. This module looks at common co-morbidities and offers the practice nurse guidance to deliver care using a holistic approach.

Included in the programme are seven e-Learning units which anyone can access by registering with Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH). Go to their website here


After logging in, select ‘Mental Health Awareness Programme (MHP)’ then select ‘Practice Nurses’.

The units are:

  • Managing alcohol in primary care

  • Managing drug misuse in primary care

  • Medication for mental health problems in primary care – part one

  • Medication for mental health problems in primary care – part two

  • Your patient’s journey

  • Care planning

  • Specific mental health conditions

Train the trainer toolkit for primary care


This toolkit provides guidance on using a train the trainer approach in educating the primary care workforce in mental health. You can download it here.

More from our Primary Care Programme 

Expert advice on consultations with young people experiencing mental health issues.

In this 20 minute video, Dr Maryanne Freer outlines practical ways for GPs to decide, in a short consultation, if a young person may have mental health problems, and offers some simple management options and self-help resources.

Antidepressant prescribing: expert advice for GPs on prescribing antidepressants.

In this 20 minute video, Prof Hamish McAllister-Williams gives practical, clinical guidance on how to optimise the use of antidepressants in primary care.

GP Toolkit: online learning for GPs, accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners

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