Victim of an Attack or Assault

This can include sexual assault, abusive relationships, stalking, a hate crime, or physical assault/mugging.


What you can do


  • If the situation is serious and they require immediate medical attention they should be taken to the nearest Accident and Emergency Department. 


  • If they have been sexually assaulted, they should be advised about specialist services in the area. 


  • If the student has not yet contacted the police gently encourage them to do so.


  • Suggest they make an appointment to see a Counsellor at the College Counselling Service.


  • Give them the contact details for The Samaritans and other relevant local support services.


  • If the incident has taken place on College property, it must be reported in line with relevant college procedure


  • Speak with your line manager/colleagues to decide who will take responsibility for doing this. You, or a relevant colleague, will need to talk to the student about whether or not they want their identity revealed to other staff. It is generally good practice to limit the sharing of personal information to a ‘need to know’ basis.


  • If you are concerned for the student’s welfare/safety, speak with your line manager about the incident and your actions as soon as possible, and inform other relevant staff.


  • Make a written note of key points and action taken. 


  • If appropriate, contact the Counselling Service Manager to arrange a debriefing session and handover written notes so that follow-up support can be initiated. 




  • Expressing judgment even when high-risk behaviours on the part of the victim (e.g. intoxication or drug use) were involved.


  • Pressuring the student to contact the police, although it is fine to suggest it. 


  • Saying things like, “You will get over this,” or “You will forget all about this someday.” It is better to say that you are sorry that this happened to them, and that there are support services available to help


  • Asking too many details about the incident. It is better to ask what the student may need to help her/him, and to discuss the support services that are available. 

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