CWMT Wellbeing Challenge

During the summer term, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust runs a ‘Wellbeing Challenge’, giving schools and youth organisations the chance to win a wellbeing library.


It is an interactive competition to encourage young people to think about their mental health; it’s based around the NHS ‘Five steps to mental wellbeing’.

The idea is for schools and youth organisations to come up with activities which follow each of the five steps to wellbeing, take photos of these activities happening and share them on social media.

See the 2019 entries on Twitter here.

Read about the 2019 challenge winners here

The five steps to mental wellbeing


Connect – connect with people around you: family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Spend time developing these relationships.


Be active – take a walk, go cycling or play football. Find an activity you enjoy and make it part of your life.

Keep learning – learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and confidence.

Give to others – even the smallest act can count, whether it’s a smile, a thank you or a kind word.

Be mindful – be more aware of the present moment, including your thoughts and feelings, your body and the world around you.

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