Whole School Approach

“An excellent speaker who made a deep impression on our staff. The message will endure.”

“I’m a parent of one of the girls you talked to and I just had to thank you. I had no idea about the difficulties she’s facing and I’m so relieved she felt she could speak to me about it.”

We offer talks and training for pupils and parents too, tailored to their needs and often running alongside staff training.

For a long time, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust has advocated a ‘whole school approach’ to mental wellbeing, and the evidence base supports using an integrated/holistic approach involving all members of the school community.

Our offer of mental health training is well established now, and starting in 2019 we are building on this by paying specific attention to supporting schools more broadly to improve wellbeing of pupils, staff, and the wider community.

How the CWMT whole school approach works

CWMT will support schools to implement PHE’s whole school approach to promoting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing using our framework of ‘the 2 Ps’: People and Processes. A designated CWMT trainer with expertise and knowledge in youth mental health will provide consultation, training, and guidance in relation to ‘the 2 Ps’ and support schools or a network of schools to work on their own specific priorities.


The process will build on what services are available locally, what the school is already doing well and what changes could be made to achieve positive outcomes. We will train schools to evaluate the process and continue to build on progress made.

The CWMT partnership with schools is practical, supportive, and evidence-based. CWMT will ensure achieving this whole school approach to mental health is manageable for schools and help them to deliver ‘everyday magic’ throughout the school – pupils, staff, parents, governors and the communities in which they live, in order to best support good mental health and help the wellbeing of individuals to flourish.

Request training for your school or youth organisation here.

Public Health England and the Children and Young People's Mental Health Coalition has produced evidence-based guidance on how to implement a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

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